Tigress Tries Stealing Huge Male’s Meal

A big male tiger gets angry and fights with a female tiger that tries to steal his meal from the middle of the road.

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Vijay Kumawat was a witness to this fierce battle and shared it with

“We were searching the forest for any signs of tigers when we came across an incredible sight in the middle of the road. A male tiger had successfully chased a sambar deer into the middle of the road and began strangling it.”

Sambar deer are herbivores found in the forests of India. These creatures are among the largest deer species in the world; male Sambar deer stand out with their impressive antlers. They have a diverse diet and are able to feed on a wide range of plants. In the ecosystem, they play a crucial role as prey for carnivores such as tigers and leopards. Additionally, their presence contributes to seed dispersal and helps maintain the biodiversity of the forests.


“The tiger suddenly turned its attention from the deer and ran off. The sound of the forest guard’s motorcycle disturbed the tiger. He left the nearly dead deer in the middle of the road and disappeared. Then out of nowhere, another tiger appeared!”

Tigers are known for their exceptional hunting skills. Equipped with a combination of strength, agility, and acute senses, they use a stealthy approach to stalk and capture their prey. Tigers rely on their finely tuned hearing and keen eyesight to detect even the slightest movement. When the opportunity arises, they let out bursts of incredible speed, reaching up to 40 miles per hour, to swiftly close in on their prey.

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Tigers fighting over deer kill

“A female tiger that was lying close by saw the opportunity and began feeding on the deer. The male returned and saw the female eating from his meal, and that really angered the male. He let out a growl and charged at the tigress.”

Tigress tries stealing huge male’s meal

“The fight ensued, and the two began throwing claws and paws at one another. Despite the male being so much larger than the female, the female did not back down and fought back. However, in the end, she was overpowered and was forced to retreat.”

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