Tokyo Olympics Highlights – Wild Animal Edition

READY, STEADY GRRRRO! As the Tokyo Olympics 2020 comes to a close these amazing videos show the wildlife in South Africa getting in on the act and competing in epic sports all of their own!

First up was the final of the rock monitor lizard wrestling competition where these two guys who will grow up to be five feet long showed off their scaly grappling skills.

After the awards ceremony, it was onto elephant football where this mini jumbo showed he was no dumbo as he expertly dribbled with a ball of one of its herds dried dung!

After a ring event and a field event, it was time to take to the water where a grey heron took gold for an excellent display of hippo surfing never once looking to lose its tight grip.

The Animal Olympics then focused on the Matabele ant marathon as 400 runners which normally head off in a column to raid termite mounds took a day off for the big race.

All eyes were then back on the wildlife fencing semi-finals when then these two elephants crossed tusks but after a couple of spirited parries, the match was over very quickly.

Onto the final when a buffalo put his horns up against the tusks to try and take fencing gold but it didn’t end well when the elephant went straight for the kill and rolled him over.

Then those most agile of predators the leopard took to the high bars to show his prowess putting in a remarkable display using an impala it had killed earlier as gym equipment. Then the sport took a brief break and with social distancing being so important the winning leopard headed back alone into the Olympic Village to take on some much needed water.

All eyes then moved to the gymnastics where the favourite a young lion thought to take the top medal on the balance beam event looked to have it cracked but then took a fall.

After the lion lost its footing and a medal it was time for the javelin final between an elephant and rhino but as the elephant was the only competitor with something to throw he won!

Then it was back to the swimming where an impala was clearly ahead of fellow competitors but the attention of some African hunting dogs saw it tread water and lose out on first. The sport moved onto the high dive and in this incredible footage, we see a perfect exit from the board and a thirty-foot drop headfirst with a perfect landing and another gold.


As ever the most prestigious event was the sprint final with the firm favourite the 60mph cheetah over the 55mph impala but the antelopes got a dream start and took the honours.

The next event was the giraffe karate with the two tallest beasts of the bush slugging it out but after an astonishing bout, it ended honours even with judges ruling it neck and neck.

And then the grand finale with the elephant hurdle relay and this big fella is way ahead but despite getting in a tangle shows why it is perfect for the fourth leg getting them all over.

So as Tokyo looks forward to its Olympic closing ceremony on Sunday the sun goes down on the South African savannah as the wildlife prepares for its next Animal Olympics in 2024.

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