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Wild Dogs Disturb a Warthog’s Bath (Graphic)

This warthog thought it could take a relaxing bath at the lodge’s pond, but it appears not…

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Wild dogs hunt warthog

This warthog thought it could take a relaxing bath at the lodge’s pond, but it appears not… This gets a bit graphic.

Private Safari Guide, Rudi Venter (31), told Latestsightings.com of his experience: “I mostly work for myself in the guiding industry as a private and freelance safari guide.

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“I had heard that the pack of wild dogs were resting in front of the lodge’s waterhole for the day and suggested to my guests that we spend the afternoon with the pack and hope that they will get active and head out to hunt. As it started to cool down the wild dogs become active and their excitement levels went through the roof. We got ourselves ready for the action but then the wild dogs went to lay back down.”

“We thought they were going to rest some more because it was still too hot, but what we didn’t see was that two warthogs were approaching the waterhole for a drink. That’s when the wild dogs went quiet and they had their ears flat to the ground waiting for the warthogs to get closer. I could see one of them was much smaller and anticipated that the wild dogs would go after him as it would be an easier hunt for them. We sat quietly and watched the warthogs get closer and closer.”

“As they reached the edge of the waterhole they became aware of the wild dogs but it was too late and the wild dogs jumped up and surrounded the young warthog letting the bigger one run off. The warthog ran into the water for protection but this didn’t help. The wild dogs grabbed hold of the warthog and pulled him out of the water, where the adult dogs gave it onto the younger dogs to practice their skills and the warthog come to its end as the pack fed together.”

“It was mother-nature in her most true form playing out of in front of us. Something that we do not get to witness every day and yet it forms the full circle in nature. Such a sighting can be very hard to watch, especially for those who are sensitive to kills.”


“As a guide I am lucky to spend a lot of time in nature and have experienced these sightings before, and loving wild dogs I spend quality time with packs when I can. Knowing what can happen when they hunt I always prepare my guest and explain to them the hunt, and that the kill can be hard to watch.”

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