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Wild Dogs Tear Hare in Half

If you have a pet rabbit, then maybe this video isn’t for you.

Pieter van Wyk, 33-year-old game ranger at Mala Mala, was on drive with a family from Texas in Mala Mala when he managed to capture this gut-wrenching sighting.

Pieter tells the story: “We’d found a pack of 12 wild dogs, 4 adults and 8 pups. We sat with them for an hour as they playfully interacted with each other. Soon, all four adults left to go hunting.

We’d only been following them hunting for a few minutes before they spotted a scrub hare and chased it for almost 500m into an aardvark den.

“It was exhilarating and tense… and serious – a life hung in the balance. There were also some brief comical moments, as one of the dogs would approach the one digging, ending up with a face full of dust.

“The sighting ended well for the dogs, not so well for the scrub hare.”

“Spending time with one of the world’s most endangered predators is always special. Watching them interact in the wild… only a meter or two from us – that’s priceless. But wild dogs have large packs, so seeing them hunt is quite a common occurrence, but no two kills are the same.”


“In my opinion, seeing a kill is not something to enjoy or to shy away from. It’s nature at its most raw.”

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