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3 Lions Corner Buffalo With Broken Foot

Watch the sad moment a buffalo with an injured foot finds herself cornered by 3 male lions.

50-year-old Field guide, Jan Kriel, leaves no room for error when it comes to capturing incredible wildlife footage in the wild!

He shared the sighting of 3 male lions taking down a female buffalo and excitedly told that this was one of, if not, the best, sighting he ever had!

“On Christmas Day, I went out for a safari drive with my clients. On Jock Concession, we can drive in the riverbeds, so I drove towards the Biyamiti Bridge. We were looking for buffalo. We had guests that were leaving that same morning, and seeing a buffalo was their final request. I had an idea of where the buffalo were, so I took the guests right to them.“

“We stayed at the sighting for a few minutes, just watching as the herd disappeared – slowly grazing in a distant direction. They left one female buffalo behind! She was resting when a second vehicle joined us. When the second vehicle left, we stayed on the sighting for another minute or two and decided to move along.”

“As I reversed the vehicle, I suddenly caught a glimpse of three male lions, making their way into the direction of the resting buffalo! The one lion started stalking from the rocks, behind the buffalo, as the other two made the female aware of their presence by pursuing from the front. Only once the buffalo got up in an attempt to flee and protect herself, we noticed that she had a broken front leg, that’s why she was on her own and not grazing with the rest of the herd.”


“My guests were extremely excited and anxious, not having expected that much action at a buffalo sighting, but, they also understood that it was the circle of life and that lions have to feed in order to survive. The buffalo put up a good fight but the lions were more than she could handle on her own, especially with a broken front leg. The lions ended Christmas with a buffalo meal for dinner.”

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