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7 Male Lions Can’t Take Down 1 Porcupine!

If I told you 7 male lions were after prey, you’d think that the prey is long gone… This porcupine definitely has luck and experience on its side to be able to teach 7 male lions a lesson!

On safari, night drives have the ability to offer an exhilarating bush experience and some very interesting sightings that almost never happens during the day!

Hennie Bekker (36), Director at Private Kruger Safaris, caught this action on camera. He told “We headed out in a South Easterly direction from Lower Sabie and at first there were only general game. We spotted a jackal hanging around close to the vehicle and then suddenly heard a rattling sound.”

“We looked around to see where the sounds were coming from and noticed 7 young lions trying to corner a porcupine.”

“I was very eager to see what was going on as I have spent a lot of time in the Kruger Park and rarely ever encountered a porcupine so to see the lions interacting with the porcupine was definitely exciting.

It was astounding to see how all these lions were unable to get the upper hand on the porcupine, as the porcupine cleverly kept his back towards them at all times. After a few good minutes, the lions gave up as they realized they were not getting anywhere and the game was over!”


“The lions then moved on to drink water and walked off into the darkness and the porcupine lived to see another amazing day in Kruger.”

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