Battle Between Bat & Bird

Watch this incredibly unique sighting of a gray-headed bushshrike attacking a fruit bat that fell to the ground!

A fruit bat found itself in a less than ideal situation on the floor when an opportunistic and aggressive bushshrike tried to make a meal out of it.

This unique sighting was captured by 38-year-old, Wildlife Filmmaker, Brent Leo-Smith, while sitting in their garden in Pridelands Conservancy, Balule Game Reserve, Greater Kruger.

This is also not the first time we’ve seen an interesting interaction between a grey-headed bushshrike and another obscure creature.

Brent tells the story: “The Painteddog TV team heard bird alarm calls in the garden so we went to see what the commotion was about. A fruit bat had flown down onto the floor and a very ambitious bushshrike spent a few minutes attacking and pecking at the fruit bat.”

“The fruit bat was not in an ideal position as they struggle to take flight from the ground but with a little determination, the shaky fruit bat was able to escape and fly back into the safety of tree. By hanging upside down, they are able to easily launch themselves into flight if they need to escape.”


“Painteddog TV ( is a small wildlife media company based in Limpopo, and the only company in the world currently conducting live virtual conservation experiences and live private virtual safaris.”

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