Buck Doesn’t See the Leopard Behind This Tree…

Watch this nail-biting footage where a Leopardess uses a tree as cover to walk literally right up to an unsuspecting buck!

While the springbok was foraging, a Leopardess was crouched down and maneuvering behind a small sandbank in the road, plotting the perfect attack! She used a tree as cover to get within a few feet of the unsuspecting springbok before making her final chase.

This captivating sighting was captured by 47-year-old service provider for practical predator solutions, Johan Cronje, while on safari with his family in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park – the sighting took place between Rooibrak and Kamqua Water holes.

Johan tells the story: “We went on an afternoon game drive at 15:00, the perfect time of day to see a leopard. We spotted a female leopard in the road, crouched down and extremely focused.”

“She used the sandbank next to the road as cover and slowly positioned herself behind a tree, the springbok had no idea that she was so close and continued to forage. The leopardess swiftly moved behind the tree and came within a few feet of the springbok before making her chase, at this point, it was too late for the springbok to escape and the chase was over within seconds.”


“After a very successful hunt, the leopardess left the carcass in the shade and wandered off to fetch her two cubs.”

“I have seen many leopard sightings in my years but this one was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! To have the sighting all to ourselves was a bonus.”

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