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Buck Tries the High-Jump Over Lions

This was just a hop, skip, and jump into the bellies of a lucky pride of lions taking a leisurely stroll on the road.

Hannes Beeslar (25), a teacher at Bergvlam Hoerskool in Nelspruit, described the events to “It was a hot day in the Kruger Park and we were just taking a slow drive on the H4-1 between Lower Sabie and Skukuza. We drove past a whole lot of cars that were just stationary on the road, so we decided to turn around and look in the opposite direction.

A pride of lions suddenly appeared out of the bushes and started walking on the road. They did this for about 5km. Two of the lions then went into the bush and started chasing a buck toward the remaining lions on the road.

The buck leaped and bounced across the road straight into the jaws of the unsuspecting lions. This was a quick and easy meal for them.

Straight away they all dived in to get their share. It was amazing to see how quickly they tore the buck apart and just devoured it. The male lion was almost certainly not going to miss out on his cut and he then came storming in to chase the females away.


It was fascinating to see how tough the cub was, it was also hanging on tight to get some reward out of it.

This was the best sighting ever and I’ve been going to the park for 14 years around 2-5 times a year and have never seen anything of this kind. Simply amazing!”

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