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Buck Tries to Out-Swim Crocodiles and Hippos

When you watch this sighting, you probably feel this was taken during the Great Migration in the Serengeti. But no! These sorts of sightings also happen in South Africa.

A standoff in nature is not uncommon. We’ve seen a lot of animal species who go up against each other in a standoff over territory, food, mates, etc. But to see a standoff between an impala, a crocodile and a hippo – now that’s the kind of standoffs that you don’t find often, and to be able to get it on film, is even better!

This incredible sighting was shared with by WildEarth, a company who streams live safaris every day from Greater Kruger and other reserves. This sighting was, too, streamed on a live SafariLive, Wildearth’s daily live streaming safaris, and in this episode, James Hendry, the presenter, narrates the experience.

James arrived on the scene with the impala already stuck on the island in the middle of the waterhole.

It is speculated that the impala was chased into the waterhole by a pack of wild dogs earlier that morning and then tried to swim to safety before getting caught on the island by crocodiles. After adding up its options for a while, the impala soon realised that it was running out of time because the crocodile started climbing onto the island, out of the water.

James noted that the impala was limping slightly, and so it seemed to have been injured before it reached the island. As the crocodile settles on the island, stalking the impala, slowly creeps past the predator, takes a chance and lunges itself into the water in an attempt to escape the jaws of the relentless crocodile.

The excitement strikes all of a sudden as the crocodile dives back into the water in pursuit of the impala, with a hippo soon to follow into frame. The hippo quickly swims in the direction of the crocodile, and as the crocodile snaps at the impala, the hippo bites down onto the crocodile!


The hippo then drags the crocodile underwater and the impala disappears with it. As a few good seconds go by, the hippos resurface, but the crocodile and impala are still seemingly underwater. Seconds later, James and the camera crew spotted some surfacing bubbles quite a distance from the hippos, which then led to the conclusion that the crocodile survived and managed to take down the impala in the process.

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