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Cornered Crocodile is Forced to Attack 5 Lions

These lions left their waterbuck scraps lying around, which a crocodile thought was an easy meal. But, no, these lions weren’t giving up their scraps so easily. The crocodile was quickly cornered by 5 lions!

Crocodile tries to steal waterbuck scraps from 5 lions

Watch the shocking moment a crocodile finds himself completely surrounded by a pride of lions. The crocodile has no other option but to use his jaw strength and speed to get away!

This video was taken one early morning, by Vernon Cresswell (61) in Buffelshoek in the Sabi Sands area, Greater Kruger Park. He managed to capture a pride of lionesses and cubs trying to corner a crocodile that was about to steal their waterbuck meal.

Vernon told of the drive that led up to this sighting:

“We managed to track a pride of lions in that area, called the Talamati Pride. The pride had taken down a male waterbuck just a few hours before. All of them had fed on the buck and left the carcass about 100m from the dam.”

Crocodile tries to steal waterbuck scraps and is quickly cornered by 5 lions

The pride cornered the crocodile…

“A crocodile obviously sensed that there was a carcass nearby. He left the safety of the water to investigate and maybe get an easy meal.”

“When the crocodile got onto land, it was only a few meters from the waters’ edge. Some of the younger lions (9 cubs) showed some interest and moved closer to see what this creature was up to. After a little while, some of the adult females (5 in total) noticed what was happening and came to the scene.”

Crocodile Cornered by 5 Lions

“At first, it seemed they toyed with the crocodile to test his reflex and speed. Soon after this toying, the crocodile let off a massive snap as it clenched its jaw. The croc snapped his jaws at the lions in an attempt to defend itself. This caused the lions to launch a full-on mob at the crocodile.”

“The lions were all taken by surprise, but their reflexes were faster than the speed of the crocodile, and they quickly got the upper hand. The crocodile sensed it has no chance and scurried back towards the water, finally disappearing into the dam.


“The hippos were snorting madly in the distance, we were amazed by the sighting. We were extremely excited to see how it would play out. We’ve been going to the bush regularly for 30 years, however, not once have we seen something like this. Always anticipate what can happen, and put yourself in the right place and just be patient. Nature usually pays off!”

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Crocodile Cornered by 5 Lions

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