Elephants Show Tourists Why You Shouldn’t Get Out Your Car

This is the dramatic moment where tourists that were just about to enter the world-famous Kruger National Park found themselves having to try to outrun a herd of elephants on their way to the river.

This close-call sighting was filmed by 27-year-old Security Manager, Andre Schwab, while trying to enter the Kruger Park via the Paul Kruger Gate.

Andre tells the story: “Before entering the park, we stopped on the bridge to see what wildlife we could spot. A herd of elephants came out of the bush and started crossing the road.”

“The matriarch was extremely aware of the people out their car, and she seemed quite unhappy with 2 tourists walking right along their path! She, and the rest of her herd, started charging towards two women that were looking at the monument commemorating Paul Kruger.”


“It was the women’s lucky day and they made it to safety by the skin of their teeth! Be aware of your surroundings and the behavior of the animals – this is a national park with wild animals.”

“The sighting ended with everyone laughing at how quickly this could have gone south.”

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