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How Not to Wake Up a Male Lion

How Not To Wake Up a Male Lion
Sneaky Male Lion Causes Huge Fight

This was the moment a lion sneaks up on another and learns how not to wake up a male lion when he is resting! 20-year-old apprentice field guide Aiden Blake witnessed this incredible moment between two male lions in the Dinokeng Game Reserve. Aiden tells the story:

How Not To Wake Up a Male Lion
Male lion stalking in Dinokeng Game Reserve

“I had heard about the sighting and made my way there. On route, I had a flat tire and of course, had to change it first.” Upon arrival at the sighting, this male lion was busy stalking the other lion, who was taking a leisurely nap.

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How Not To Wake Up a Male Lion
Male lion sleeping

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As the male lion got closer and closer, the other one had realized what had been happening – but only a second too late and got the fright of his life. The two lions got into a minor brawl, only to go straight back to sleeping again soon after.

How Not To Wake Up a Male Lion
Male lion caught off guard by another

“This truly was a once-in-lifetime sighting for me and just really goes to show everything happens for a reason. Had it not been for the flat tire, we would probably not have experienced this.”

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