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Hyena Hangs from Lion’s Jaws

A male lion drags a lifeless hyena, and feeds on its carcass. The eerie sight will give chills to even the bravest souls.

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A male lion drags a lifeless hyena and feeds on its carcass. The eerie sight of an apex predator killing another will leave you with chills!

Lion delivers a fatal bite to hyena’s throat

26-year-old safari guide Victoria Craddock was able to capture this sighting on camera and she shared it with LatestSightings.com

“It had been a rainy few days, and my guests were eager to see some exceptional quality sightings before their departure. We had planned to head into a more remote area in the hopes of finding a male leopard, but fate had something else in store for us. A call came on the radio that mating lions were found. And just as we were approaching the sighting, another call came that the male lion was chasing a spotted hyena.”

“As we arrived at the scene, we were greeted by the magnificent Ndhzenga male lion parading his unorthodox kill. The sight of the male lion dragging the hyena’s limp carcass toward us was both awe-inspiring and eerie. It was fascinating to watch an apex predator dragging the body of another apex predator, especially as predators seldom eat other predators, even though they kill one another”

Lion drags a lifeless hyena!

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“The male’s behavior was peculiar as he dragged the carcass haphazardly, changing direction every 10-20 meters. The break of dawn and the twinkling dew added to the sensory experience, making it unforgettable. For the next 15 minutes, we watched the male lion trying to get a better grip on the hyena’s throat as it was still alive, but it had already sustained life-ending injuries.”


“Finally, the lion settled in a raisin bush and began feeding on the carcass. This was yet another unique behavior as predators seldom feed on other predators. Two hours later, I drove past the area and could not see any sign of the carcass. The male had moved to a small pan, and the female was nowhere to be seen.”

A lion eating a hyena

“As a guide, it’s moments like these that make my job so rewarding. Watching these incredible animals in their natural habitat, exhibiting such unusual behavior is a privilege. It was a unique and unforgettable sighting for my guests, and I feel grateful to have been a part of it.”

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