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Leopard Babysits a Lamb

Duikers are tiny, shy animals so one can only imagine how terrified this little one must have felt being wrapped up in the paws of this feline predator.

Teacher & Tour Guide, Charles Nel, was able to have captured this incredible scene in the Kruger National Park, near the camp of Byamiti. recalls the account: “We noticed a male klipspringer was standing dead-still on a rock and looking towards the right of where he was standing very balanced. Suddenly a shrill scream rang out and we glanced towards where the klipspringer was staring. Next moment a leopard jumped up onto the rock with a baby duiker in its jaws.”

It all happened so fast, there wasn’t really time for emotions. I was surprised to see that the cute duiker wasn’t bleeding and that the leopard was just holding it, like a cat playing with a mouse.”

“The leopard lay there licking the duiker, which must have been terrifying for the poor thing. Unfortunately, we were unable to know what happened to the young buck as we had to move away for other vehicles to view the sighting. But from other reports, the tragic inevitable happened…


“It was honestly a jaw-dropping sighting to have witnessed. Nature certainly knows how to keep your heart pounding in your chest”.

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