Leopard Catches Impala, Loses it to Hyena, then Fights Back

Watch the dramatic hunt where a Leopard makes a spectacular impala catch, then fights a hyena that tries to take it away.

Once a year, every year, in July, there is a leopardess that comes to a waterhole named De Laporte. This waterhole is a mere 6km from the Skukuza camp in the Kruger National Park. She is famous because, over the years, she has perfected taking advantage of the thirsty and un-alert animals for her hunting.

The De Laporte Leopard, for 3 days, every day, lay and waited for the perfect opportunity. Finally, on day 3, two impalas approached her while she was performing a perfect ambush. She jumped on one impala with one intense pounce, catching it mid-air, but her claim on the impala was challenged by a rival hyena.

This captivating sighting was captured by Gerrie Smit, 63-year-old, Field Ranger for Kruger Gateway Safaris, while on a game drive with his wife, on the H1-1, at De Laporte waterhole, in the Kruger National Park. Gerrie tells the story: “It was a leisurely Sunday morning drive, we stopped at the De Laporte waterhole to see if we could spot the famous leopard that is often seen in the area – but we did not expect to see a battle there as well!” “She was hiding in the grass, patiently waiting on two impalas that were approaching her, as the one impala got close enough she pounced on the opportunity and went for the kill.”


“Unfortunately other predators were in the area and her kill was soon stolen by a spotted hyena. This female leopard was not giving up on her hard-earned kill and she kept fighting the hyena until they both left with a piece of meat”.

“I know people say it often but it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime sighting. We were at the right place at the right time!”

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