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Lioness Rescues Her 6 Cubs

Elephants noticed lionesses with their cubs and chased them away! The mothers were able to find all but one, the cub that was left behind.

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Lion rescues her cub

This little feel-good rescue story will definitely tug on your heartstrings….

Latestsightings.com was given the account of events by Designer, Chris Tote (39): “I had been watching two lionesses with 6 small cubs lazing about in the Sabie Riverbed for about half an hour.

In the distance, I could see two herds of elephants on either side of the river, and I thought if I wait long enough the one herd is more than likely going to walk right to where these lions are and from there, anything could happen.

Sure enough, about an hour later this herd of around twenty elephants suddenly started trumpeting and charging as soon as they realized that they were amongst lions. The two lionesses shot up the river bank and onto the road and all they could do was anxiously watch in the hopes that their cubs would be alright.

After what seemed like an age, the elephants finally moved through the area and the lionesses were able to head back down in search of the six cubs. They were scattered everywhere and it took close to half an hour before they finally emerged at the roadside. At this point there were a lot of cars around and crossing the road was a scary prospect for the cubs. One by one they plucked up the courage and made it across and into the surrounding bushveld. All but one that is.

The tiny cub cried out for its mom with all its might but there were so many cars around with engines running that there is no way she would have heard it. At some point one of the lionesses must have realized there was one cub missing and around twenty minutes later suddenly appeared in the road and ran quickly down to the river bed to find the missing cub that had now hidden away, hoping for mom to return.

Five minutes later she appeared carrying the little cub in her mouth and off they went to reunite with the rest of the pride and cubs.


It was naturally very tense knowing that the cubs were in amongst the elephants, and then expectations were high after they moved off that all would be found ok. It was amazing to see how wide an area they had each ran off to and how long it took the lionesses to find them all. A very happy scene when they all appeared from the river bed and onto the road, and then tense again when the one cub was left behind but luckily there was a very happy lioness reunited with her young babies.”

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