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Lions vs Mongoose

It’s not always business in an animal’s world, there will still be room left for play… Although, this mongoose wasn’t the one having fun.

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It’s not always business in an animal’s world, there will still be room left for play…

Mahendra Jain, captured this beautiful moment of fun and games in Kenya and told Latestsightings.com how it all played out: “It was a stunning drive. We were ready to go out and do some game viewing, I was admiring the splendor of the vast landscape surrounding me.”

“I happened to notice that there was a pride of very young lion cubs hanging around a bushy mound and wondered what they were up to…”

“Seconds later, shrill screams could be heard filling the air and I could see that one of the cubs had managed to capture a mongoose.”

“The mongoose was most distraught and decided to put up the fight of its life. This little one was determined not to become anyone’s dinner, never mind chew-toy. Whilst warding off its enemy, the mongoose managed to get his lucky break and ran over to another mound giving himself an opportunity to half fly into one of the burrow openings.”

“It was very funny to watch as the cubs were most perplexed as to where their newfound toy had just disappeared off to. I can only imagine their disappointment of having a game ended before it ever really began.”

“Mongeese are commonly known to be vicious fighters and extremely fast. They have no fear of standing up to any potential danger, no matter what the size. Many a hyena, leopard lion or even snakes have been sent fleeing from the sight when they try and take on this little beast.”


“Mongeese are incredibly clever animals, hence why their crazy David vs Goliath tactics always seem to put them in the winning seat. Dynamite, most definitely, does come in small packages here…”

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