Male Lion Gives Leopard the Fright of its Life

For leopards being one of the most successful cats in the wild, this one did a pretty good job at letting its guard down…

A male lion spotted this Leopard from a mile away, and slowly ambushed it. The suspense is palpable.

This suspenseful sighting was captured by Ahmed Laher, 36-year-old safari host at the Sabi Sands, while on a safari at Arathusa Safari Lodge, Greater Kruger National Park. His guest, Shaida Sayed, also managed to send in some great footage of the sighting!

Male Lion Gives Leopard the Fright ...

Ahmed tells the story: “While on a morning drive near the lodge we found a leopardess relaxing under a tree, we sat and watched her for about 20 minutes. She eventually got up and was in stalking mode and very focused on what was ahead of her.”

“Another vehicle mentioned that there was a lion heading in her direction but was quite a distance away at the time. She kept looking out while stalking impala and unknowingly was being stalked herself. After about 15 minutes of watching her we got a visual of a huge male lion behind us, slowly closing in on her, at that moment we knew it was time to be quiet and watch 2 of the big 5 in 1 sighting and see what was about to unfold!”

“It was nail-biting as he kept getting closer and closer. He was silent and closing in on her inch by inch, we were all silent. As he got to about 10 meters he darted towards her with such speed but the leopardess reflexes were faster and she managed to escape by a split second!”

“She ran into terrain that she knew would be to her advantage and up a tree to the highest point where she knew a lion would have no chance of getting to her. She stayed up in the tree and the male lion took a nap under the tree waiting for her. He eventually got tired of waiting for her and wandered off.”


“We were nervous – adrenaline was pumping. Lost for words as this is not something you would witness every day. It was intense and we were scared for the leopard hoping she survives another day.”

The video footage was taken by Ahmed Laher, Shaida Sayed and the photos were taken by @walking_with_lions_

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