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Wild Dogs Take Down Adult Buffalo

This is the extremely rare footage of a pack of 15+ wild dogs separating and then taking down a healthy adult buffalo!

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This is the extremely rare footage of a pack of 15+ wild dogs separating and then taking down a healthy adult buffalo!

A pack of wild dogs pulled off the near-impossible and worked together to separate a healthy adult buffalo cow from the rest of the herd. Their vocalization and continuous biting were too much for the buffalo who was eventually brought down and feasted on by the pack.

This once-in-a-lifetime sighting was captured by 37-year-old lodge manager and guide at Old Mondoro Bush Camp, Mark Nicholson, and his guest, Kevin Dersley, while on safari in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Mark tells LatestSightings.com the story: “The guests were very keen on seeing the dogs and, with them denning not too far from camp, we had some idea as to where they were. The pack heads out early each morning to hunt and, if they are successful, they return to the den to feed the pups by the alpha female. They have the same routine in the afternoon, heading out around 17:00 to hunt before it gets dark.”

“There are large open areas south of their den and that is where we found them out on the hunt. Then we saw the herd of buffalo; we have seen them attempt to hunt amongst a herd before – trying to separate a youngster or a weak individual but had never seen them have any success.”

“This particular afternoon they started out harassing the herd as usual and then they chased them into a woody area where they managed to separate an adult female from the herd. It was then that they went into overdrive and started biting and attacking her hindquarters and legs. Several other buffalo attempted to chase the wild dogs off, with a few wild dogs countering and chasing them off each time, this allowed majority of the pack to continue their attack on the female. It was an extremely emotional sighting that lasted over 20 minutes.”


“I have been in the safari industry for 16 years and have never witnessed anything like this before!! It is definitely the most incredible sighting of my life and don’t know many people that have seen a sighting like this before!”

“My advice: Make sure to take it all in when you see something like this, as it’s more than likely the sighting of a lifetime!!”

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