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From our Ting Talk Blog

The Lowest Ranking Female Hyena Dominates The Highest Ranking Male

Unique amongst carnivorous animals, spotted hyenas are born with their eyes open and with 6-7mm long canines and 4mm long incisors!
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Male Lion Bites Female As Display Of Dominance During Mating

On average a female lion will have a litter every two years, although sometimes when a pride has been taken over by a new male, he will often kill all the cubs which will then cause the female to go back in estrus.
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Almost Effortless Chase By Lions

Lions often catch smaller things along the way - rodents; lizards; ground living birds; tortoises e.t.c.
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Wild Dog vs Hippo, And A Lone Impala

An hippopotamus is regarded as one of the most dangerous animals on earth, probably because of its territorial nature. In this clip they did not seem too perturbed by the impala, but were evidently riled up by the wild dog.
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Black-Backed Jackal – The Family Way

A breeding pair of black-backed jackals will bond for life, and will only find a new partner, should the current one die!
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